Land of the Lustrous Episodes 2 + 3: It’s Like Someone Broke My Pet Rock


Review Episode 2:

I cannot believe how attached I’ve gotten to Phos in only two episodes but the end of this episode was a little heart breaking even if I don’t think this is going to be permanent – the earlier conversation would suggest transformation though it will be interesting to see where they go. However, the episode starts with Phos being sent by Jade to look for Dia because she might have a new fighting style or something.


The conversation and then fight sequence with Dia and Bort is pretty intense but it is more the possibilities raised by Dia’s comments about her being hard but fragile that really take root. Then the fight moves to their base and that’s where things get kind of messy.


I really love this so far. I love how much character these gem stones have and how none of the scenes linger to long. I love the small details like the light shining through their hair and leaving patterns on their uniforms and the blades of grass that blow in a way that looks so incredibly real and yet doesn’t make the characters look fake. The story itself is kind of nebulous but it is so much fun learning about this world and just watching it that I’m not all that concerned.

Review Episode 3:

This was a fantastic follow up and I loved seeing Dia and Cinnabar working on the problem together as they are the two characters that have so far forged any real connection with Phos.


Dia really carried this episode given Phos was out of commission for most of it, and who knew snails could emote that much. Her defence of Phos as she hears her friend run down (more or less continuously during the episode) and her refusal to give up was fantastic.


Cinnabar was equally interesting as she chooses to not call Phos a liar for a little longer even though Phos is no closer to finding something Cinnabar can do. She’s holding tight to that tiny light of hope that Phos gave her and the result is truly fascinating to watch.


Fortunately though, humpty dumpty could be put back together again and this episode ends on a high note even as it raises yet more questions. This show is definitely a gem. It has a few rough edges but overall it just shines.

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10 thoughts on “Land of the Lustrous Episodes 2 + 3: It’s Like Someone Broke My Pet Rock

    1. I also didn’t like Phos at first, but she definitely grew on me over the first three episodes and I really felt bad when no one wanted to help Dia help Phos.

    1. So far, not much. Phos was asked to put together an encyclopedia but hasn’t really done much on that. The jewels themselves are attacked by creatures from the moon that want to use them as jewelry and they fight them off. Mostly, we seem to just be seeing the interactions between the characters and it kind of looks like Phos is going to solve some of the issues going on with some of the others though whether we’ll get to that or whether it goes a different direction, I don’t know.

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