Land of the Lustrous Episode 7: Poor Phos



Winter has arrived and the gem stones are for some reason hibernating. I’m not sure what the logic is here given their hardness and abilities have mostly been representative of the gem stone they are, but being solar powered and needing to sleep in winter just doesn’t fit with that at all. Unless this is some throw back to the whole myth about humans that Phos was told earlier, but even then, humans don’t exactly hibernate in winter.


I was glad that Amethyst very quickly pointed out that Phos hadn’t done anything wrong in the previous episode. Bort is still a jerk, but at least some level of sanity prevailed for the other characters. However, this may have actually been worse as Phos is now carrying an overwhelming sense of guilt about their own uselessness and feels terrible because there was no real consequence.


What really gets me about this is that it is so realistic (despite the setting). Phos gained stronger legs and naturally assumed they could do more to help, but has realised the physical change has changed nothing about who they are and even if it does allow them to do more, the rest of their body can’t keep up. Growing up, changing, these processes are painful for a reason. With every step forward you realise how much further you have to go, and right now Phos is really struggling with this because most of these gems haven’t changed in hundreds of years. This leaves Phos ill-equipped to process the idea of changing. All of these uncertainties come to a head when Phos listens to the ice-floe (yes I know how that sounds to people who aren’t watching the show). I am very curious to see how this plays out next week.

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8 thoughts on “Land of the Lustrous Episode 7: Poor Phos

  1. I really adore phos. I think she might be the most unique and interesting character this season (in my opinion), and is always a joy to watch. I really like your comparison of Phos’s changes to growing up/puberty, it makes a lot of sense. It’s nice to see her becoming more able to do things, but I just hope she doesn’t destroy herself in the process.

      1. Yeah. And it’s genuinely scary, knowing that her memories and personality are also lost, when she loses part of her body. She’s not just losing and replacing body parts, she’s literally losing pieces of her existence.

  2. i actually didnt notice until i started reading the manga. the inclusions (microorganisms) inside the gems use light to produce energy for the body, which is why they become lethargic at lower light levels.

    loved phos in this episode.

    1. That makes sense. I actually remember they mentioned microorganisms earlier in the show but I didn’t put it together with the whole hibernation thing. Thanks.

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