Land of the Lustrous Episode 6: Not Yet Enough



I’ll get it out of my system first: What is Bort’s problem? Is Phos hadn’t been there, Amethyst would have still fought and been captured so the fact that Phos was relatively useless at the end there, doesn’t actually make any difference to the outcome. It wasn’t Phos’ fault that and Phos didn’t do anything wrong.


With that out of my system, this week we spend some time with Zircon and Yellow Diamond who are apparently a team, though Yellow struggles with the concept of teamwork. We also learn that many of the gemstones we may have expected to see around have already been taken by the Lunarians and a lot of them had previously been partnered with Yellow.


We also see Phos continue to try to find some purpose and to be of some use, buoyed by the feeling that they are stronger now because of their new legs. Yet the loss of memories from last week isn’t forgotten by the show. With the Master asking Phos once again what happened in the ocean.


Okay, it is another case of convenient character memory loss to keep from revealing something to early in a plot, though what that something is I’m not sure except that the Master definitely reacted to the word ‘human’ so now I want to know (which is exactly what the show was after). Another beautiful episode and this story continues to be pretty compelling.

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5 thoughts on “Land of the Lustrous Episode 6: Not Yet Enough

  1. This is one show that I was definitely not anticipating being this good. I can’t get enough of it. The story is strangely enthralling, the characters are very interesting, and, of course, the art is gorgeous. Basically, it’s just a treat to watch, every week.

    1. Agreed. I really didn’t think I’d enjoy it much but when I added hidive to my streaming services it was available so I checked it out, really glad I did.

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