Land of the Lustrous Episode 5: We Can Rebuild Her



Last week’s cliff-hanger is resolved this week when we meet the Lunarians and realise they really don’t intend to honour any agreement with King (the pink snail thing that tricked Phos). They want more of the gems before they agree to release more of the snails (not that we believe they ever intend to). Fortunately, King’s brother wakes up and the Lunarians momentarily retreat. Also fortunately, King isn’t such a horrible person as to abandon Phos entirely and though we don’t see the how, we do see that Phos is deposited back on the shore next to Cinnabar and with some of her broken parts and some shell pieces (to make up for her missing legs).


Still, to assume this means everything is fine would be kind of naive given we already know that the gems will survive even if they are taken apart, but they will lose any memories held in the missing pieces. Phos has lost both legs and while it takes the other characters a fair while to catch up, she is clearly no longer the same sassy Phos we met before and there are clear gaps in her memory.


Just how much of her personality change is shock and how much is permanent I guess we’ll find out. However, the introduction of new material in her legs that might still be stronger, and has clearly already given her some speed, certainly introduced new possibilities for the direction this story will take and next week looks like it will be fantastic. This show continues to impress and I look forward to the next development.

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