Land of the Lustrous Episode 12: Phos’ Resolve



While this isn’t a perfect ending by any means with time wasted on the introduced character who ultimately contributes little to this season (though probably serves some greater purpose later) and overall no actual answers to the greater mysteries of this series, I couldn’t help but feel satisfied by how this show came back to where it began. Phos has found her purpose and mission, which was what she was seeking. Her self-reflection that she was jealous of the younger her just highlights the destructive process through which she found this purpose but she has found it and that was a lovely note to end on. And it wasn’t just Phos. Many of the gems are seeking a new path or direction where before their world was characterised by stagnation. There’s a sense of movement and purpose that was missing early in the series.


The other thing that was satisfying was Phos remembered and kind-of delivered on her promise to Cinnabar. While this isn’t the perfect solution, it does offer a small bit of real hope to a character who before was grasping to the false hope the very naive Phos threw her way. Again, this plot is far from resolved but it does bring us to a good rest point.


Without a second season, this anime is most definitely unfinished, though it doesn’t leave me feeling bitter about the lack of resolution having seemingly tried to bring some things to a rest even while setting up a conflict for the future. I’ll do a full review of this series soon.

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