Land of the Lustrous Episode 11: I Hate To Say Anti-Climatic But…



I am a big fan of this show and have thoroughly enjoyed the watch thus far, but episode 11 delivers one thing I find really frustrating. Episode 10 was beautifully tense and dramatic building up to a wonderful climax leaving us with a cliff-hanger. Episode 11 resolves and diffuses any tension from that in about two minutes. It just feels kind of cheap in the end and in most shows I wouldn’t even bother to comment on it, but I’ve come to expect more from Land of the Lustrous.


However, it isn’t all doom and gloom with the plot being progressed nicely as Phos realises everyone knows Sensei has a secret and she determines that she isn’t content to just let it be. It will be interesting to see what this decision leads to in the final episode of the season.


Which is why part of me is concerned about the awakening of a new character because I do wonder just how much we’ll be left hanging at the end of this series.

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8 thoughts on “Land of the Lustrous Episode 11: I Hate To Say Anti-Climatic But…

  1. Ugh, I really hate it when something like this happens. It just feels like cheating in some way. Especially for people that love the series and are looking forward to a cool resolution. It of course happened with another series that we both really liked as well: Kado. Real shame, hopefully the next episode will turn it around for you 😊

    1. This isn’t quite as bad as what Kado did. Kado did end its story, it just went severely off the rails about it. Land of the Lustrous is still being consistently very good and interesting, it just doesn’t have much chance of completing itself in the time left (and given ongoing source material I guess it never intended to).

      1. Hmm, okay, well I still hope it will end the series on a high note. As I mentioned quite a lot recently, anime series just seem to have quite a few unsatisfactory endings these days. Hopefully for you this won’t be one of them.

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels this way… It seems we’re headed for an abrupt “we’re done, go read the manga” ending, and those always leave a bad taste in my mouth. Compare this with Abyss’s ending, which at least left off at a natural break point.

    1. I’ll be really disappointed if this show doesn’t at least pretend to get to a resolution or break point. It has been so good this season but that always leaves me feeling so let down and I don’t tend to rewatch shows that do that (until the next season is out). I’d really love this show to find somewhere to naturally pause for the end of the season but episode 11 doesn’t leave me too optimistic for that.

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