Land of the Lustrous Episode 10: Bort, Phos & Dia



I was really happy to see some of the old Phos back this week. They certainly are still not the Phos we met at the start of the season, but they have definitely not lost all of their spunk which was kind of a welcome sight. I certainly had a good laugh when she asked the jelly fish about whether she should team up with Bort.


Outside of those lighter moments however, this episode is probably the most tension we’ve seen from this show. Phos is still suffering from losing Antarcticite and a new lunarian has appeared that is more than just a bit of a handful.


However, Phos teaming up with Bort isn’t just about Phos and Bort. Bort’s partner, Dia, comes back into the story this week and the complex relationship Dia and Bort share gets put in the spotlight. I really loved it when Dia admitted she’d encouraged Phos to change so really couldn’t say anything about the two teaming up. My heart nearly broke when Dia claimed that Bort was never wrong as a rationalisation for why she was fine with losing her partner. And then we see Dia in this situation:


Of course nothing is resolved in this episode and now I’m waiting impatiently for next week to roll around so I can see what the outcome of this fight will be, though part of me wonders if I should be prepping for heartbreak.

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