Land of the Lustous Episode 4: As Much As Things Change, They Stay The Same



I’ll get this out of my system and point out that this show is by far the prettiest show this season and that is in a season with The Ancient Magus’ Bride delivering gorgeous representations of magic and march Comes in Like a Lion hitting us with pure emotions being visualised absolutely flawlessly. I do not remember an anime season with so many shows dazzling my eyes in this manner, but of all of the shows I am currently watching, Land of the Lustrous is the most beautiful. It is a shame that due to a range of factors my screen captures don’t even come close to showing off how fantastic this one is to watch.


Okay, outside of just being totally mesmerised by the shiny images on the screen (and yes I did have to rewatch the episode because I did get distracted by the visuals and missed some of the subs) this episode finally starts to fill in some of how this world came about. The snail from last week get’s better acquainted with Phos before leading her out to sea. Meanwhile, it transforms and tells her part of a story that is filled with a lot of maybes and possiblies but discusses the three life forms and how they may have come from humans.


It is a curious philosophical discussion about the different attributes humans possess and the common features between the three races become more interesting. Curious also is Phos’ conclusion after the speculation that the Lunarians are created from human souls and what that means about human nature. Though all of this musing is cut short by another attack and I am really wanting the next episode to come around all ready so I can find out what is going to happen to Phos now.

Really loving this show. The story is still pretty slow in developing but the characters and setting (as well as the visuals) are more than keeping me enthralled as the plot slowly emerges.

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6 thoughts on “Land of the Lustous Episode 4: As Much As Things Change, They Stay The Same

  1. I hear a lot about how gorgeous this show is but IDK I feel it looks kind of weird. Really, I am only judging from the promotional video but I will check out the TV series soon.

    1. Yeah, it does look weird when you see the still images but it is really pretty to watch. And it just seems to look prettier every episode.

    2. The long limbs do look weird at first, but the visuals are appealing. Not sure whether the (manga) artist is bad at body proportions or they really meant to draw it that way. If so, maybe to represent the characters are nonhuman?

  2. It makes my heart happy you are enjoying this show! <3 Tis one of my favorites this season as well, but you already knew that lol I need to pick up the rest of the manga series! I think only the first 3 are translated right now though. I just adore Phos and her sassy attitude. She is quite like myself in that regard 🙂

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