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Kurmukuro has been on Netflix for awhile and I’ve been eyeing it off but hadn’t bothered to start it. Recently, I read a review about the show and finally curiosity got the better of me. The reason I hadn’t tried it prior was because it has a samurai in it (and I’m not a big fan of samurais) and it is a mecha anime (and those are always hit and miss for me).

So going in hopeful but at the same time cautious, Kuromukuro actually gives off a reasonable first impression. There’s some action, there’s some high school drama, there’s some comedy that works well enough even if its predictable, and the overall premise is kind of interesting even if in these first few episodes I’m still not really sure what the villains are trying to do or why (I hope we find out later).

The story mostly follows Yukina who is your normal, average high-school girl (except that her mother is the director of a UN research facility). She hasn’t really got a sensible goal for her future, she suffers from feelings of inadequacy due to a highly accomplished mother and she also has father issues that I’m hoping will be dealt with sooner or later. Anyway, she’s at her mother’s lab when some unknown enemy drops out of space and somehow she opens a box that contains the samurai who or course can pilot the artefact mecha that’s in the basement of the research lab. Yukina is dragged along and gets injected with something that makes her the copilot of said mecha.

The whole thing might devolve into the standard cliches and tropes but the first few episodes were energetic enough and interesting enough to make me want to continue this show. A few obvious criticisms are the use of high schoolers as pilots (there are trained adult pilots as well so why are you letting a high schooler pilot a giant robot?). Then there is the walking animations in the first two episodes. Particularly the girls. Its just wrong. Watching them is weird because they aren’t moving right. This seems to be improving as the show progresses but it was honestly creepy in episode 1 watching them descend a flight of stairs.

Anyway, there are two seasons of this with 26 episodes total so I’m going to chip away at it while I wait for the new season of shows to begin. I’ll do a series review when I get to the end.

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8 thoughts on “Kuromukuro First Impressions

  1. Kuromukuro was surprisingly pleasant to marathon through. It is, in my opinion, above average but there are some issues, especially later in the series, that will distract you if you start thinking about the story. But even then, I had fun watching it.

  2. After completing Knights of Sidonia, I was looking for the next show to watch on Netflix, and this one really appealled to me. So after reading this, as far as Netflix goes this will probably be me next show to watch 😊

  3. I haven’t seen this show yet, but I’ve spotted it on Netflix a few times and a guy I work with recommended it to me (although he’s not a big anime fan).

    Sounds like it could turn out to be a fun watch. I may give this one a go.

    1. Surprisingly okay is a fair description from what I’ve watched so far. Nothing spectacular but nowhere near as bad as it could be.

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