Kokkoku Episode 9: No Idea What The End Game Is Here



So Sagawa wants to live forever but he’s going to waste time in a stalled world to kill the family that have no means of stopping him and don’t really care to try because…?

And Juri intends to get out of stasis, how?

As much as I love a good mystery, this one just seems intent on tying itself up in knots and at this point I can’t really understand why any of them are still in stasis given they have nothing to gain from it. Juri could send the all out and I’m guessing they continue their lives, unless of course they just stall and stay stalled until Juri gets out of stasis which seems to be impossible. And how exactly does Sagawa intend to get out of stasis?


It is messy and even the reveal that Makoto can use a power (though that was a reveal to the audience and not the other characters because of course you need to set up some dramatic irony for later) doesn’t really help the situation. If anything it makes things more confusing as a herald is now acting weirdly, a power hasn’t been properly defined, and if the tenuous rules of the stasis are going to be broken before they’ve even been firmly established this mystery is just going to become one throw explainer after another as the plot skates over increasingly thin ice.


None of this necessarily makes this terrible to watch. It just kind of means that this show won’t be climbing up my list any time soon. It remains watchable and thinking about the mystery is fun, but at this point there just isn’t enough known that the audience can actually actively participate in figuring out where the mystery is going or why. And I suspect this story is quickly going to become a monster smack down which would be kind of disappointing.

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7 thoughts on “Kokkoku Episode 9: No Idea What The End Game Is Here

  1. Yeah I ended up giving up on this one because it felt like the ~mystery~ was going nowhere, but have been following the episodic reviews. Basically I’m only gonna finish it up if it turns out everything ends up making sense in the end…which so far it doesn’t sound like it is haha

    1. That’s probably a good decision. I’ve kind of sat on the fence of this one the whole way through because if they make everything make sense it could be quite good, but at the moment it doesn’t feel like that is likely.

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