Kokkoku Episode 8: Sagawa Is A Man on A Mission



While it took a fair while for Sagawa’s motives to become apparent, and even now his final goal is still a little hazy, he has been shaping up over the last two episodes to be a fairly solid antagonist. Not so much because he actually seems to care about the protagonists and their goals, but more because he is utterly indifferent to anyone or anything that isn’t helping him to accomplish his goal in the moment. That’s actually more affective than a villain that just seems to want to see the family (that were already struggling) brought down.


Still, his callous disregard for his own subordinates does cement him as a villainous character and I suppose I should want him to fail at whatever he is planning. However, it is so much more interesting than what Juri and the others were up to that I’m just kind of hoping he keeps going for awhile.


Meanwhile, Juri’s father demonstrates exactly what unconscious incompetence looks like as he genuinely doesn’t seem to realise just how pathetic he actually has been.

Still, now that there is an antagonist to care about in this story, and with yet another cliff hanger ending on this episode, I guess I’ll be waiting for next week to find out if they can continue to bring things together.

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    1. Yeah, did she actually have a plan or did she just think she’d ask him nicely and he’s say sure? We never got to see or hear what her plan was and it didn’t seem like she had a back-up plan when he refused.

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