Kokkoku Episode 7: All Their Reasons



After wondering in my episode 5 review what the characters of this show actually wanted, the last two episodes seem to be making a determined effort to answer exactly that. And while some of the characters’ motives are kind of silly, it actually seems to make sense because sometimes people do in fact want silly things.


That said, my suspicions from episode 6 that ignoring the father was probably a bad idea seem to be confirmed this episode as the Grandfather and Juri continue to exclude him from their planning and discussions giving him ample time to start trying to think of his own plan. Clearly that is not going to end well.


I am, however, curious to see if they explain why the brother who was a herald survived when the others didn’t. It seems like such an anomaly that it kind of needs an explanation. Otherwise it happened just because they decided killing a kid would leave a sour taste in the viewer’s mouth and while I’m not actually wanting the kid to have died, a reason for him to still be alive would be nice.


That said, this show is starting to address my concerns that it wasn’t going to give us a proper explanation of the mystery. While we’re not there yet, the last two episodes have taken huge steps towards revealing key bits of information and it is starting to feel like there might be a satisfactory resolution in there which makes the overall viewing experience more enjoyable.

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11 thoughts on “Kokkoku Episode 7: All Their Reasons

  1. I figure that his despair wasn’t strong enough for the specter to suck off on, so while left in an emaciated state, he was able to stay alive because he wasn’t consumed by negative feelings.

    But with that in mind, you got to wonder how she would look at these specters. Are they friend, foe, or just opportunistic?

    1. Yes, I am genuinely wondering what the source of the specters are and what they are doing even to the people who are just moving around in stasis given clearly there is an impact.

      1. Originally I thought it was their ancestors, but then comes the question of where is the rest of the spirits who should just be floating about in this world. Plus, then comes the thought, when Heralds or another human try to hurt them, why don’t they attack?

        Are they just parasites waiting for you to be at your weakest?

        1. I like the idea of them being parasites wanting to prey on people rather than particularly wanting to help them. That would be a very cool development in the story.

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