Kokkoku Episode 6: The Plot Thickens as the Brother Gets Thinner



A terrible post title, I know, and yet such an apt description of this episode. While there still hasn’t been anything overly amazing in terms of character development, and that is one area that continues to be a problem given I still don’t really care who comes out on top in this conflict, the mystery itself just keeps giving us a little bit more intrigue. There is still certainly the possibility that it will all amount to nothing but I’m starting to feel like we are definitely headed somewhere. Besides, the intrigue is really working.


The first part of this episode continued the struggle from last week and to be honest they really over-played the music here. It was almost like watching a black and white Hitchcock with the way the sound went crazy during this sequence. It kind of took away a lot of the tension and drama of what was otherwise a fairly tense sequence.


I suspect that Juri’s overall attitude to life is going to bite her sooner or later. Basically she and the grandfather did rescue her father, and her father is kind of horrible, and yet they’ve more or less ignored him and made no attempt to actually explain the situation to him. They are treating him like baggage. To the point where they miss what is probably going to end up being a significant comment about the brother maybe looking thinner after Juri expelled the spectre from him. Juri also failed to get Majima onside and didn’t even really try which just seems like a wasted opportunity.


While my basic complaints about the lack of character development and some of the contradictions in the information presented remain, I cannot deny that I really want to know where this story is going. There’s definitely enough interesting material here and there’s a lot of potential for it to reach a reasonable conclusion. However, there’s also a lot of room for this to derail still and so I guess this one will have to be judged on the strength of its conclusion.

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13 thoughts on “Kokkoku Episode 6: The Plot Thickens as the Brother Gets Thinner

  1. I can kind of forgive Juri for not informing her father of things, only because they’re on a tight schedule and might get attacked again. Considering what she’s gone through (almost killed multiple times and almost raped) to have her father complain about how they should work with the guys who caused that would get anyone annoyed.

    1. Yes, but not informing him of some information is sure to cause him to make a mistake, and not listening when he mentions something that might be important is only leaving her exposed to potential problems.

  2. I didn’t think this was a bad post title at all. In fact it was quite humorous 😂😂 This doesn’t sound bad at all, but it’s a shame the music ruined things a bit. Music can definitely play an important part in either creating a very tense atmosphere or completely missing the tone so to speak. 😢

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