Kokkoku Episode 4: More on Stasis



We’re slowly learning more about stasis and some of how it works, but there’s a lot that is still just speculation or unknown. We do know for sure now that Juri has not only been in stasis before and that it is possible to be trapped within stasis.

Though one would assume if that happened it would be permanent because as the grandfather already pointed out even re-entering stasis doesn’t re-enter the same stasis so if the person couldn’t leave on their own the rest of the world would leave them behind. It opens up some odd questions about the heralds being people in stasis given theoretically they shouldn’t be able to move from the stasis they are in to the current stasis which makes me wonder if stasis just ceases to exist if the person controlling it leaves in which case anyone trapped there disappears? Dies? Not sure and wondering if these are questions that will ever be answered or if we’re just meant to nod sagely at the half explanations we’ve got and pretend it all makes sense.


I genuinely don’t get what the grandfather was thinking taking a child into stasis to prolong the whole death of the dog thing or what he thought it might accomplish but I guess it was a reason for Juri to have been in stasis before.


Anyway, the kidnappers/cult/whatever are pretty much stuck unless they can capture the stone that Juri and the grandfather have and while that doesn’t concern some, others are less thrilled about the notion of being trapped in stasis. Meanwhile, a little bit more is revealed about the heralds but not enough to actually give us an answer. Just enough to make us want to watch more to find out.


I’m kind of enjoying this show but the characters are still a fairly weak link and it makes it hard to take the drama overly seriously.

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Karandi James


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11 thoughts on “Kokkoku Episode 4: More on Stasis

  1. I find with every answer there is a question. Such as, if their bodies can still get hungry and assumingly can process food, doesn’t that mean eventually they’ll need sleep as well? Also, what leads to a person becoming either a Herald or a specter/ jellyfish thing? Where is the crossroad? Is there a crossroad?

    Also, I’m coming to the point I want less mysticism and want to learn more about the characters. Especially Juri’s family.

    1. I definitely want to know more about the characters. The mystery is established but I won’t really care how it is resolved unless they start giving me more from the characters. It is the part that is missing at the moment from making this a fairly solid show.

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