Kokkoku Episode 3: Slow Progress



Kokkoku is a very odd show (just check out it’s opening theme) but it is the kind of odd that potentially could be quite good. That is ‘potentially’. Despite being three episodes in I’m still struggling just to remember character names and so far very few of them have any kind of distinctive personality.


There’s clearly some kind of backstory going on between the woman with the kidnappers/killers/cultists and the family but the few glimpses we’ve gotten don’t paint much of a picture. I was also kind of hoping the kid waking up would be more of a plot development but instead it just gave us a scene of him dancing around in stasis which I somehow don’t think is going to contribute much to the overall story.


I really do want to like this because the overall idea is pretty cool and yet so far the execution isn’t quite doing it justice. It isn’t bad, but without investing in any of the characters essentially nothing has happened in over an episode of any consequence.

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Karandi James.


16 thoughts on “Kokkoku Episode 3: Slow Progress

  1. If all of this set up doesn’t lead to something mind blowing, I will deem this as the Juuni Taisen of 2018. Though, I do have to wonder if something can be called good just because it ends with a bang?

    1. For me as long as this goes somewhere I’ll be happy. I don’t dislike what I’m watching but I am waiting for the payoff. As long as it is equal to the anticipation then it works. However, it means the show is going to succeed or fail based on its reveals and conclusion and that is not a comfortable place to be for most anime.

  2. I really thought it was just me… sigh, I’m reviewing it for manga tokyo and I swear every episode is a test of patience…

    I know there is going to be a big whammy later in in the series, but right now everything is just to disjointed… And I am not a fan of the “comedic” moments.

  3. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who still feels a bit overwhelmed by the multitude of characters and the rules and beings of the stasis. Yet, I gotta admit, as you said, they are setting things up in such a way where either this will topple like dominoes or they’ll have the kind of foundation to build a great monument. One which will potentially leave a mark on, maybe not the whole year but definitely this season.

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