Kokkoku Episode 12: Happily Ever After?


We’ve reached the end and if you just take the end credits at face value the family have all reconciled and gotten over their pettiness that was plaguing them prior to their stint in stasis. Though how that transformation came about, I don’t know given they all still seemed much the same as they were forcibly removed from stasis. And Juri isn’t apparently mentally scarred by her longer stay in isolation.


I wouldn’t mind the notion that the family did transform through these events, if we had actually been witness to a transformation. But the brother remained kind of a slacker right until he started becoming a Herald. Takafumi was an opportunist and incredibly poor decision maker. The grandfather just kind of dithered about without any real authority or purpose. And yet, they are all back in the real world and happy.


Though worse than the magical healing power of an adventure (even though it isn’t really justified) is the deus ex machina ending they pull out for Juri to escape stasis. The argument that this is foreshadowed in episode 1 isn’t a particularly strong argument given it still amounts to clicking her heels together at getting a wish.

Ultimately this show seems to have not really delivered on anything that it potentially could have, though I’ll save the rest of that for the full review.

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