Kokkoku Episode 11: The Brain, The Spider Web and The Clean-up


There was definitely a lot of potential in this anime and even until the last couple of episodes it could have potentially been very good. However their lack of ability early on to make me care about the characters has been a persistent problem and with a plot lacking substantial explanations that might hold it together and weirdness that occurs seemingly for the sake of weirdness but isn’t really explored, overall this story is kind of failing to keep me engaged at this point.


Sagawa as the villain has been a particular disappointment as he came along when the show desperately needed something to hook viewers in and it seemed like he offered some interesting possibilities. Silly fight sequence, lack of motive, and now transformation through being organs to being a cocoon, to whatever (no spoiler) at the end of the episode, he really is just another character I don’t really care about enough for this to have any impact even if it made sense.


However, the story is drawing to a close. I think the big problem with this show is there is no central idea going on. It started out with the kidnapping of the grandchild to force the family into stasis so the stone could be stolen. We’ve move a long way away from save the grandchild and the stone has been smashed for episodes now. While it would be nice for some resolution from this story, I’m really not holding my breath at this point.

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