Kokkoku Episode 10: Stuck – Unstuck


This anime is definitely maintaining that interesting in concept but not so much in execution vibe it has had since the beginning. The father pretending to have the power when really it was the grandson was just pointless given it was revealed to everyone less than half an episode later and genuinely served no purpose other than forcing the audience to endure the father’s gloating that he was needed for all of three seconds.


Outside of that, we had the seemingly inevitable fight with the bad guy who ultimately runs away once things turn against him and then, when tracked down, he starts reminiscing about his upbringing. This isn’t really the time to try to make me care about the guy’s backstory. Or really anything new about these characters given how little has been done to give them character up until now. Right now we should be answering the greater question of why they are listening to the guy ramble on, what Juri thinks is going to happen if they actually beat him, and what he actually wants at this point and time to happen.


However, this anime does not appear to be interested in moving the plot along and so we meander through his childhood trauma and then the episode ends. It isn’t exactly the episode that is going to change your opinion of this show for better or worse. It is kind of still progressing toward an ending but basically I still don’t know why the family minus Juri haven’t already left stasis and the anime isn’t really getting around to addressing that point.

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