Knight’s & Magic Episodes 2 + 3: Well, He’s Remarkably Self-Assured


Review Episode 2:

I’ll start out by saying I enjoyed episode 2 but that title with the unnecessary apostrophe is really starting to bug. Much like the excessive number of exclamation marks in some titles.


So, let’s actually review the episode and to be honest this was pretty fun. Okay, it is an extended fighting sequence but it is kind of fun to watch. There’s a sense of actual danger with knights being crushed left and right or just plain immolated, and even the student knights are not safe from sudden and inglorious death. Plus, its visually quite striking given the mix of mecha and fantasy going on here.


Still, Ernesti as a character is not doing much for me. I get he’s been reincarnated in another world but his basic sense of self-preservation seems broken and he is way too cocky that he can just do whatever even though he clearly hasn’t tried it before. But other than that I really enjoyed this second episode and I’m curious as to what will happen next.

Review Episode 3:


So Ernesti’s victory gets him an audience with the king and being Ernesti he asks for knowledge. Which the king agrees to give him if Ernesti can impress him by building a frame he approves of and then we begin an episode of discussions about design improvements and test piloting. It’s all kind of got a fun and relaxed kind of feel to it but I’m wondering how long the other characters are going to react with awe to everything Ernesti says.


Anyway, new design and test successful though still a bit of work to do. I’m kind of hoping that isn’t an indication that the next episode is more of the same for while this was fun I kind of want to see the story progress beyond work-shopping robots.

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