Knight’s & Magic Episode 9: Oh Look, We Finally Found a Villain



After nine episodes this show has finally decided to bring a villain into the mix, but I have to wonder how we’re supposed to care about the sudden political situation of neighbouring kingdoms when previously we only saw the one small group who stole Ernesti’s prototype and then vanished without further thought or discussion. I mean, great, we’re finally doing something with that previously dropped plot line, but after 8 episodes of having no antagonist we suddenly have an entire nation wiping out other kingdoms in moments. It’s kind of a sharp contrast and the narrator is working overtime to explain where we are and who the people are and what they are doing and that just isn’t good storytelling.


They are also doing that thing where the main bad guy isn’t really in the picture and we’re left with some psycho guy that of course we’re supposed to hate but clearly he isn’t the brains of the operation anyway. However, in a show that apparently only has 13 episodes and we’re already at episode 9, we don’t actually have time to defeat psycho boy and then take down the actual villain, unless of course they are just going to narrate us over that too, or we’re going to end with psycho boy being killed by the ongoing threat, ongoing.


I don’t particularly think either scenario will be very satisfying to watch at this point.

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12 thoughts on “Knight’s & Magic Episode 9: Oh Look, We Finally Found a Villain

  1. I dunno how many episodes this show has planned, but it most likely would have been much better if they had taken the time to tell the story from beginning to end, rather than just skipping years and years, not letting us get invested in the characters at all, and making the story so dang shallow it’s just embarrasing to watch.

    1. The time skips aren’t the problem so much as that they narrate right over significant events so you are told they happen to the characters rather than seeing or feeling the events. The time skips just haven’t helped that situation.

  2. I’ve been trying to figure out, with the way Ernesti was taking down all those mechs, why weren’t more people dead after those battles? This isn’t Gundam but you’d think cutting a mech in half would cause some kind of explosion and do something to its driver.

    1. They don’t seem to really want to make you feel anything in these fights, other than maybe childlike joy because giant robots, which is kind of a contrast with Gundam which is constantly trying to stomp on your heart. So I guess the lack of blood, explosions and deaths makes sense from a tone point of view even if not from a practical one.

          1. I mean, this story is clearly being told to teenagers or children. Hence why there isn’t graphic detail or anything like that. For while we have seen blood, are hinted that people died, it seems there is a real effort to keep things PG-13 at worse (or would it be best?)

            I just hope when the villains are defeated, it isn’t some quick swoop. To me, they have been built up rather interestingly – to the point I wonder how great they could have been if the gap between Kerhilt stealing a mech and them mass producing their own kind was shortened.

          2. It would have just been nice for them to have been actually mentioned or seen earlier as then the audience would have a bit more investment in who they are and their goals, rather than suddenly having an entire army of people for Ernesti to run circles around.

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