Knight’s & Magic Episodes 7 + 8: More Like a Development Timeline Than A Story


Review Episode 7:

Let me preface my review of this episode by pointing out that there is something infections about Ernesti’s raw enthusiasm. Not just within the show as other characters are drawn into his desire to create and build, but the audience also become a part of wanting to see what will happen and what could happen with these machines.  Early in the episode there’s a moment where he is piloting and this broad grin just bursts out across his face and you can’t help but smile with him for the sheer thrill of seeing that robot in action.


However, that’s really the only thing carrying the show at this point and it is certainly the only thing carrying this episode. You feel good about the success and how amazing it is and you might walking away feeling that this was a good episode. And a lot of stuff happens. The fight between the lab and the kids, further developments over months, the king stepping down, Ernesti designing new units for the former king and the current heir, and just reading that list makes you realise that none of these events get the time and attention they probably deserved.


The narrator pushes us through time by telling us months or whatever have passed and we see brief snippets of characterisation. The kids have graduated middle school, somehow, even they don’t know how given they point out they barely attended class, yet this means nothing to the audience because we only ever saw Ernesti really once at school and since then he’s just been playing in the workshop, which makes you wonder why even include the school?

Basically, I enjoyed this, but it wasn’t a good episode in an anime that increasingly reveals it isn’t a very good story. It gets the right ‘feel’ but when you step back from it you realise this is really quite shallow and is barely giving lip-service to narrative at this point.

Review Episode 8:


Yep, this isn’t a very good story.

They are so absolutely determined to never let Ernesti actually face an obstacle. Start of this episode there’s a horde of beasts heading toward the location where the reactors are made. Seasoned veterans are getting swarmed and can’t hold them back. No problem. Ernesti and his friends will swoop in and save the day without effort, without a plan, without any issues at all.


Ernesti is told he can’t learn the secret of the reactor because he doesn’t have the time and then the narrator tells us three months later he learned all their secrets. Really? All their secrets? In three months? I’m calling bull on that and this whole story right now. That’s where my credibility limit has been crossed even in an anime about a reincarnated programmer building giant robots powered by magic. Yep, that’s the line.

Besides that, this show continues to be plagued by pacing issues, rushing through significant moments, lack of any kind of overall villain, and basically is just not very good. Wish fulfillment escapism aside, there’s little else worth watching this show for.

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Karandi James.


8 thoughts on “Knight’s & Magic Episodes 7 + 8: More Like a Development Timeline Than A Story

  1. This show increasingly makes me feel like I’m in a history class of which Ernesti is the current king and I’m being given straight propaganda.

    1. That’s actually a really good way to describe the feeling of this show.
      The all Ernesti History Channel. See brilliant Ernesti fly through classes. See him single handedly develop X, Y, Z. See him defeat the enemy in an amazing show of strength.
      Yeah, I can totally see that.

  2. I totally agree with you here. The plot is so rushed, and totally hashed together, it lacks all creative and narrative depth, the characters aren’t interesting… it’s honestly just a total disaster. Which is a real shame because visually, it’s absolutely gorgeous. And the mechs are freaking awesome, and the combat scenes are really well done.

    1. Yep, it is really pretty and absolutely a train wreck in terms of narrative. I just kept thinking they’d pull out of this dive they’ve been in and settle down once we got to the second half of the season but it actually feels like they are ditching anything that might vaguely look like a real story or character and are just rushing through this series of events.

  3. While Ernesti’s enthusiasm and passion is great, I’m put off by how he solves everything so easily. The narrator often feels very unnecessary, too.

    1. There’s just no actual conflict or issue in this show because even when there is an obstacle, Ernesti solves it in about two seconds. I didn’t mind the narrator at first, but now they are just stating the obvious or rushing us past plot points that aren’t getting developed.
      I keep wanting this show to turn a corner but it seems to be doing more of the things I didn’t like about it and not really developing any of the things that might be interesting.

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