Knight’s & Magic Episodes 4 + 5: Just Follow Your Passion


Review Episode 4:

Apparently overwhelming enthusiasm and passion are all you need to get through life. Forget protocol or any political maneuvering. Just earnestly stare at people with glowing bug eyes while gushing over your dreams and everything works out.


That isn’t to say that this is necessarily a problem for the show given its more or less done this since episode 1. It just kind of makes me wish Ernesti would face a challenge that his enthusiasm couldn’t handle or at least something to shake him up for a few moments if for no other reason than I’d like to see some genuine concern on his face.


The one criticism I will bring to the party was the fight this week against the worms. It was very bright but it was kind of ugly to look at on the screen and hard at times to even see what was going on (and not in the good things are moving fast and furious kind of way). It was just a mess really.

All and all, this show continues in the tone it started so I’m guessing those who have made it past episode three are going to continue with it, and for those who dropped it, there’s nothing here that would make you change your mind.

Review Episode 5:

Oh look, they kind of lost a fight (though I guess technically Ernesti was never in the fight and he still managed to get a promotion out of it). I wonder what she’s going to do now that she’s stolen a machine that isn’t yet practical for combat given its high mana needs and I somehow doubt anyone in her kingdom is able to fix that issue give they were stealing technology in the first place, so are they just going to come back and kidnap Erensti to get him to fix it? Though seeing him get kidnapped could be kind of fun.


Meanwhile, the narrator has gone from being kind of amusing to just eye-roll worthy. Stating the obvious can occasionally be entertaining but when it seems to be the narrator’s sole purpose it starts to wear thin. I haven’t yet seen anything that the narrator has actually needed to say that we wouldn’t have just worked out without them, and seriously a lot of their statements just make me wonder if the writers are worried their audience went to sleep and missed something.


My vote for most sensible character in this show however goes to the mechanic.


If this guy got more scenes, I’d probably appreciate this more. I’m not dropping this show but if you asked me for a recommendation this season, I’d probably tell you this one is easily missable.

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3 thoughts on “Knight’s & Magic Episodes 4 + 5: Just Follow Your Passion

    1. Some kind of threat or challenge would definitely make this work a bit better. It is interesting but from a narrative point of view a little bit bland because mostly it is just Ernesti wanting to make a robot, which is fine and all but not really memorable.

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