Knight’s & Magic Episode 12: Are We Sure Ernesti Isn’t a Villain?



I had a lot of time for thinking while watching this episode, mostly because other than super dramatic music and various bits of magic zipping across the screen not a lot was going on in the first half. The fights may look visually impressive for the first two or so passes, but as Ernesti circles the ‘Drake’ and we get the same animation of its lightning defense etc, it all just starts looking a bit samey and I kind of tuned out what was going on until Ernesti hit the ground. Points for the ‘villains’ for finally knocking him out of the sky.


What I started thinking about was Ernesti’s character and how he pretty much exhibits every characteristic you would expect of a B Grade villain. He chuckles gleefully when he destroys his enemy or creates a new machine designed to kill. He has no qualms about stealing his comrades machines if it is convenient to him. He has no loyalty to the actual rulers of his country and really would sell his loyalty to whoever would give him the access he wants to innovate with his robots, and don’t threaten the future of that robot design or he’ll take it very personally.


That made it much harder for me to actually care about the villains and their actions given I don’t know enough about them to care personally, and their actual fighting style has been practical and not as underhanded as Ernesti’s.

Anyway, there’s one more episode of this and it is another show I’ll be glad to see off my watch list. The narrator of this show is getting my vote for most annoying character of the season.

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8 thoughts on “Knight’s & Magic Episode 12: Are We Sure Ernesti Isn’t a Villain?

  1. While Ernesti’s enthusiastic love for mecha can be relatable for mecha fans, his behavior is similar to that of less pleasant anime fans who tell you how to enjoy a series and won’t accept other methods. It’s hard to like him in some (okay, I actually mean most) instances.

    1. The difference being that all those unpleasant anime fans can do is spam your inbox whereas Ernesti can build a robot to blow you up and will do it with the full support of the kingdom he’s currently working for.

  2. He is a Psychopat manchild who wants to keep the war on, and done NOTHING for the medical, economic or NON-war technology development in this war.
    Even more you can see that he wants to STAGNATE the developement of this world so his “toys” can be used
    Long Story Short – HE IS the Main villian

    Also – Plot Armor and “otaku self insert” of level simmilar to REALLY BAD SANIC THE EDGE-OH fanfiction

    1. The stagnating the development thing really kind of pushed it over the edge. Before then, he was innovating and trying new things but to say that something shouldn’t exist just because it makes all your toys irrelevant is kind of annoying.

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