Knight’s & Magic Episode 10: Who Needs Characterisation and Motivation When We Have Narration?



Once again this show has a general lack of respect for narrative as we gloss over huge problems of resourcing the build of new (or upgrades to) existing robots, cram in a Princess rescue, a cheer up the Princess date episode, and the thief from earlier comes back with the potential to actually be a character but then gets cut down in about two seconds. Because, hey, why actually make any one of these things a focus or give it the time it needs to be interesting when we can gloss over events and trample on our characters and just have the narrator fill in the blanks with a few lines of inane dialogue.


It is kind of a shame because Kid finally got to do something other than be Ernesti’s hanger on number two and they still just kind of glossed over that fact. Given he so far hadn’t done a single actual narratively noteworthy thing and his existence was fairly pointless other than rounding out the screen when Ernesti and Ady were there, is seems kind of mean to give him a moment and then just glide right past it.


Not to mention we finally met someone kind of smart on the other side and the narrator tells us he’s important and his meeting with Ernesti (kind of) in this episode is important, but you wouldn’t know that from watching the show given he’s there and gone.

This show is making a good run for most flawed show I’ve watched to the end this year and that’s in a year when I watched Hand Shakers.

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11 thoughts on “Knight’s & Magic Episode 10: Who Needs Characterisation and Motivation When We Have Narration?

    1. I don’t tend to give things scale or numerical ratings but it hasn’t risen out of the ‘Okay I Guess’ category all season and as of this last episode I dropped it into the “They Made This?” category because honestly it is just a waste of potential and at this point frustrating to watch. Giant robots and magic? How can you make that this painful to watch I do not know. I get some people are still enjoying this show but the story is not satisfying in how it is being delivered and the characters have gone nowhere.

  1. I’m trying to figure out why in the world would the Alvs even make the reactors for the aggressive western kingdom? Are they so neutral that they simply don’t care as long as they aren’t involved in any battle?

    Because, in my mind, wouldn’t they be the first place you’d want to hit? Especially if it becomes a east vs. west situation?

    1. Their motive for having an agreement with the Kingdom, like so many things, was really not explained well. The whole situation was glossed over and not developed and that is something this show continuously does. It has so many good ideas in it or at least points of potential interest but instead of actually examining them we get a one liner from the narrator and then we just move on. It really isn’t very satisfying.

  2. I nearly spit my coffee laughing at that title. So true.
    This show is cute and fun to watch, but it really does have a rather boring routine. Problem arises. Ernesti gets super excited about it and solves it in ten seconds while fanboying over technology. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. For once, I’d like to see the little twat get his ass handed to him, but I won’t hold my breath. Also, that princess was annoying. Kidd’s exasperation at her attitude mirrored my own.

    1. It would be really satisfying to watch Ernesti get knocked sideways. I had a small moment of happiness when his test machine nearly blew up however many episodes ago that was but that’s about the only set back he’s had and he didn’t even really care.

    1. Glad you are enjoying it. I really wanted to like it given it is the kind of show I usually would enjoy, but the story and characters just haven’t done anything other than go through the motions pushed by narration since episode 1. I really really want them to do more.

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