Kiznaiver Episode 6


Let’s further explore heartache by artificially constructing a confronting situation for Maki. That’s about the sum of this week’s episode but the series does continue to work to develop the relationships between the seven characters. On that note, I’ve finally chosen my favourite characters. Yuta and Maki’s relationship has been amazing to watch develop from nothing, to loathing to something a bit more. This is possibly my favourite part of the show right now as it appears even the characters don’t really remember why any of this is apparently happening.

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9 thoughts on “Kiznaiver Episode 6

  1. I’m bursting with questions after watching this episode. How are Sonozaki and Katsuhira related? Was that girl in his flashbacks her? Maki is really mysterious though. At least it’s getting more interesting!

    1. It’s still very messy though and it’s hard to know whether or not it is going to find away to sort itself out. Individual moments are quite good and I liked this episode a lot more than last week.

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