Kiznaiver Episode 4


Seven strangers are linked together and share each other’s pain (only they aren’t really strangers and the motivations behind this action are pretty spurious at the moment).

Review of Episode 4:

For all the hype around Kiznaiver, I’ve been routinely disappointed as the anime used shocks and (un)comedic moments with a cast that has been difficult to like. Episode four finally overcomes the latter with the cast starting to feel more genuine in their roles even as two of the characters fight it out for title of king weirdo. The plot continues to be riddled with holes (not mysteries, holes) as random events are mentioned once and never again and explanations that explain nothing are accepted. The animation style remains unusual but at times the characters seemed off during this episode, distractingly so.

And I’m out of words – but I’ll just mention that the theme song continues to be the most enjoyable part of the show. That and the school counsellor really needs to change careers.

Kiznaiver is available to watch on Crunchyroll.

11 thoughts on “Kiznaiver Episode 4

  1. I’m now actually on the 4th episode, and I finally decided to drop it. It might have potential but…I don’t know. I’m just not hooked. I also find it hard to sympathize with any of the characters.

    1. I can fully understand. Even though I watched it through to the end it never really grabbed me and I’m fairly quickly forgetting it.

        1. It really depends what you are looking for and what you’ve already watched. If you check out my series reviews maybe you’ll find something you haven’t seen that strikes your fancy.

  2. Ugh, yes, Kiznaiver is kind of annoying sometimes but I still love it for all its flaws. I wish they can hurry up and get the more serious stuff. (like, Katsuhira’s and Sonohara’s relationship and history)
    Your blog is really interesting! Reviews in 100 words? Such a cool idea!

  3. What was really odd, is that there were no consequences of the use of the assault rifle in the arcade. I bet that would make the news pretty much everywhere.

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