Kiznaiver Episode 11


Right, so we were on track for a fairly good episode. Katsuhira finally started using his head and actually developed some real growth rather than being artificially prodded along. The facility being closed down has become more inevitable than ever and the others in the group have been doing some self-reflection as well. Great. Enjoyable to watch. Bringing closure to a lot of the story. You would think we would have one more episode to consolidate what we learned from all of this and then go on about our lives. And then there is Nori-Chan. I’m not going to reveal what happened but those last few minutes of the episode essentially make me believe that our animators would like a more action based conclusion than heart-felt and I have some grave concerns about the direction this is going to take. Let’s hope they pull off a good finale.

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5 thoughts on “Kiznaiver Episode 11

  1. Hopefully, this will end well! My opinions about Kiznaiver has changed a lot ever since the first six episodes and I’m looking forward to a strong ending!

    1. I really do fear what next episode will bring. The only times this show has been really strong is when focussing on the characters and they kind of came to a natural ending point this episode. Oh well. One to go.

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