Kiss Him, Not Me Episode 5



Kiss Him, Not Me had a Valentine episode. How sweet. Well, at least the objective wasn’t to make chocolate for the boys and it was to make it for a competition. That part of the episode was actually quite reasonable and I kind of liked Shima by the end of that section when she called the boys out on just liked Kae for her looks. Alas, we then get to the second part of the episode where, having consumed all the left over chocolate, Kae returns to her ‘fat’ self and ‘fat’ voice. While her gaining weight isn’t a particular drama the reaction of most of the guys is (thank goodness for the older one – still can’t remember his name because other than the fact that he’s actually nice I haven’t really remembered anything about him). But, you already know my thoughts on the problems with the premise of this show so moving on. Various weight loss plans ensue for the remainder of the episode. About the only good part of this was Igarashi finally realises he actually just likes Kae and it isn’t all about her looks. What a revelation for the boy. I did enjoy the point system the idiot pair of boys came up with as an incentive because it was obvious where that was going to go right from the start and I wonder why they didn’t think it through all the way.

Anyway, this is still much the same as always so if you’ve been enjoying it you’ll enjoy it or otherwise there are probably better things to pick up this season.

Kiss Him, Not Me is available on Crunchyroll.

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