Kiss Him, Not Me Episode 4


Kiss Him, Not Me Episode 4 Review:

I have to wonder at this point how long the boys are going to just allow themselves to be dragged around. No matter how cute Kae is after losing weight (an issue in and of itself), the fact that these boys will apparently put up with anything in order to stay around her is getting just a little bit old.

That said, this episode probably brought out the first real sense of a friendship forming between the group of boys and with Kae. That was probably the best thing about the episode.

The introduction of the obvious girl who they think is a guy worked well enough but hasn’t added anything other than a yuri element, which I guess might broaden the appeal of the show but overall it wasn’t a particularly interesting development.

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Karandi James

6 thoughts on “Kiss Him, Not Me Episode 4

  1. I’ve been deciding what priority to place KHNM on my to-watch list. Maybe I will place it back slightly, behind some of the Korean and Chinese dramas that I’ve been watching over at MyDramaList.

    1. I’m finding it very meh but I’m not the biggest comedy fan in the first place and I hate the premise so maybe try the first ep and see if it works for you.
      Despite everything that I dislike about the show, it is still watchable for me, so it must be doing something right.

      1. I like comedy, so long as it has some sort of plot (or I know going into it not to expect one). What I can’t stand is forced situations and it seems like this anime be falling victim to that. On a side note, have you been able to watch Yuri on Ice? I’m finding it to be surprisingly awesome.

        1. I’m actually loving Yuri (so didn’t expect to when I first went to watch it). I’m just hoping they can keep it interesting all the way through.

          1. I didn’t expect to enjoy it either. My friend actually recommended I watch it, so I promised to give it a try. It is surprisingly entertaining and the characters are developing nicely. I am eager to read your final thoughts on it.

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