Kino’s Journey Episode 9: Disjointed Fragments



The episode title claimed various countries and it wasn’t kidding. This episode we jump between Shizu, Ti and Riku and Kino and Hermes as they travel about. The end result is a fairly mish-mashed episode with ideas and countries fighting for your attention and the usual lack of subtlety I’ve come to expect from this show.


The opening observations of the bandits of the groups passing by were amusing enough but ultimately just set up for a joke about Kino’s master and didn’t connect to anything else of serve any purpose.


The country with the point system could have been really interesting if they’d bothered to actually explore the notion but instead they just explicitly lay it out, including the major flaw in the system, and then we just move on.


Then we have some random cooking thing that somehow connects Kino and Shizu again, a random country where Shizu and Ti make a point about wishes. Again, that could have been interesting but nothing was done with it. And lastly a country we don’t get to see at all because Kino’s had their memory wiped on departure.


While not one of these things was bad, the episode as a whole was lacking in cohesion and impact and overall just another meh moment in a series that hasn’t done much to impress during its run time.

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4 thoughts on “Kino’s Journey Episode 9: Disjointed Fragments

  1. finally getting around to catching up on this episode. i agree that the disjointed nature of this episode was really weird and i would have much preferred to watch an entire episode devoted to the country with the point system. it was an interesting concept that really could have gone many ways, but it just gets lost within the others.

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