Kino’s Journey Episode 8: Now, You Do In Fact Have Kino in Kino’s Journey, Correct?



We’re back to Shizu, Riku and Ti starting with Shizu recovering from when Ti stabbed him the last time we saw them. Turns out, Shizu is no smarter this time around and given Kino made zero appearances this week, I have to wonder what the point of anything in this episode was.


Shizu encounters a country that seems pretty stable and calm, until the blood covered man with the severed head appears. Turns out he was a teacher and he’s just killed all his students. Now, while the authorities are investigating this, Shizu is told the man is a victim of radio waves because generations ago the population were enslaved with chips in their heads. When Shizu asks some fairly sensible questions, they get defensive insisting the radio waves are responsible for this aberrant behaviour (and clearly this is a go to excuse because otherwise the population might believe some people just snap).


So far it is fine even though it is obviously just a story and can’t possibly be true. What makes this episode fall apart is Shizu’s response. He actually thinks if he can prove the radio waves aren’t responsible the people will be happy. Um… They need those radio waves or else they will have to take actual responsibility for bad things happening. No one is going to appreciate you saying it isn’t true.


And what do you know? When Shizu, Riku and Ti return from the radio tower and try to tell the truth they get accused of being under the radio waves influence. The predictability of this and pointlessness of it given they don’t actually get to any kind of point just made the whole episode fairly dull to watch. We finish with a mini-story about Riku and Ti bonding but I don’t care about either character sufficiently to care.

This show has just kind of become pretty much a nothing watch. It doesn’t really do anything wrong but it doesn’t do anything worth remembering either.

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6 thoughts on “Kino’s Journey Episode 8: Now, You Do In Fact Have Kino in Kino’s Journey, Correct?

  1. im in agreement that this show hasnt been too interesting, but this episode at least seemed to be approaching the concept of clinging to a comfortable delusion. i also get the sense that shizu is meant to fail more than kino

    1. That’s probably because he isn’t trying to be an observer and seems to be trying to fix things. Kino isn’t going to fail when mostly they are just watching what is happening.

  2. This might just be problems for episodic shows in general: they are still entertaining to watch, but they don’t leave too much of a lasting impression except for the general plot.

    1. I don’t find tha so much with things like Ghost Hunt and Natsume, which both have a fairly episodic formula. They leave a more lasting impressing. The Laughing Salesman on the otherhand was watchable but fairly instantly forgettable.

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