Kino’s Journey Episode 6: Lost to Fate



Another Kino’s Journey episode with very little Kino and amazingly the episode wasn’t any worse for it. The show opens with Kino and Hermes having another ambiguous conversation and then we go back in time to see an unnamed slave get teased by kids and bossed around by her owners all acting with the usual lack of empathy you expect from anime characters that are being set up to be hated.


We then get the first kind of twist in the story where the slave realised the herbs in the soup were poisonous and amazingly tries to tell them, realises she can’t, and decided to die with them. And then, in the nature of all horrible characters getting what they deserve, the young master throws a rock at the slave knocking bowl of food away from her. She tries to stop them from eating and another man throws a rock at her and knocks her out. Karma in action, I would suggest.


Still, just in case you were still feeling sorry for the travellers, they then go out of their way on the slave’s awakening to make them truly irredeemably horrible before they all die tragically. It all kind of lacks anything because we don’t know these characters and this episode doesn’t make them anything other than characters that exist to die, so their death has little meaning or impact. The slave fares better but even then, we have little time to connect with her and so her survival is met more with curiosity than happiness.


What makes this more curious is Kino doesn’t encounter the girl. She comes across the bodies of the others and that’s where the whole thing begins and ends (okay, we get to see the girl’s future life and that’s sweet and all but remember we didn’t really care). As with previous episodes this is still stunningly beautiful but I’m not really feeling it at this stage.

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4 thoughts on “Kino’s Journey Episode 6: Lost to Fate

  1. I will forever believe that the herbs used were coriander, mainly because I hate coriander lol.

    I wonder if we’ll see Kino interact with Photo in the next episode either at the town or somewhere else? There has to be something important with her, otherwise why would we learn about her story?

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