Kino’s Journey Episode 5: A Little Dull This Week



This week Kino took us to two countries. The first where they memorialized the motorrad of a previous traveller who apparently became a great leader. The Motorrad was thrilled with being confined to a memorial mind you, asking Kino to smash it to bits after they said they couldn’t ride him out of there.


Then we journeyed to a land of liars where we get told the story of an uprising against a tyrannical king. You kind of know you aren’t getting the whole story and then you get two further additions to the story putting it into a different perspective. It is interesting enough but essentially people sitting around and talking about something that has already happened.


While the first couple of episodes of this were slow, they were pretty engaging. These last two episodes have been a lot flatter and I’m feeling my interest fading. Hopefully the next story is engaging again.

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Karandi James.


6 thoughts on “Kino’s Journey Episode 5: A Little Dull This Week

  1. i couldnt really get behind the last episode because i didnt think the floating country was too interesting, but liked the country of liars. the princess reveal was easy to spot, but i liked the final reveal at the gate in the end

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