Kino’s Journey Episode 11: Poor Pacing Continues to be a Problem



So this week we get some history on Kino and how she got her name and met and began travelling with Hermes. Which could have been an interesting story if they’d put it back at episode 2 – 4 when I was still kind of interested in Kino and thought maybe this show might be pretty good.


However, having endured aimless episodes, episodes without Kino at all, and episodes that rush through content (or have none) I gave up caring about the title character a fair ways back so an episode 11 reveal of a tragic childhood kind of misses its mark.


There are some interesting ideas in this episode and as an individual episode it actually isn’t bad. It just doesn’t have the emotional impact it needs this late in the season when so many viewers have already disconnected from Kino.

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Karandi James.


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