Kino’s Journey Episode 10: Pointless



You know, I don’t mind a story ending with ‘and then they all died’ as long as it feels like there was some message or point the story was trying to get across. Other than they stubbornly won’t evacuate, I really got nothing out of this and to be perfectly frank this whole episode just left a bad taste in my mouth.


And that’s really all I have to say about this episode. It’s excessively happy and nice for three quarters of the run time and then, here’s a twist, we’ll kill everyone. Kino’s Journey is really not doing much for me at this point in time.

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Karandi James.


16 thoughts on “Kino’s Journey Episode 10: Pointless

  1. I keep saying it, it seems that lately a lot of animes just have trouble finding a way to end things in a good way. So many series are enjoyable and then utterly fail with a bad ending or plot twist that just totally messes everything up. This really sounds bad though. Well, I guess I’m not going to be watching this anytime soon 😊

    1. I think I would have preferred an ‘it was all a dream’ ending to the episode than this. It wasn’t even dramatic. I mean, they wiped out a whole town with a volcanic blast and managed to make that feel utterly dull. That is almost an accomplishment.

      1. Wow….that really does sound like an accomplishment to make something like that dull. It would almost get me to watch it, as it makes me curious now lol 😂😂

  2. I’ve been super unsure about watching more of this show lately. I put it on hold after two episodes and were checking what other people (including you) are saying about the remainder of the show. It’s starting to sound like, I’d save myself a headache if I don’t continue watching show.

    1. I can’t really think of any reason to recommend it at this point and time. I kind of liked the first couple of episodes but since then it has just been fairly ordinary to increasingly dull.

      1. I’m wondering if it’s more of how the show is adapting its source material or if the story is just inherently problematic. People still seem to like the 2003 version a lot though I haven’t looked into how the 2017 version compares to it.

        1. I haven’t seen any of the original so I’m not really sure. I think the biggest issue with this anime though is that there’s no discernible purpose or theme. It just kind of lays out an idea with no subtlety and then moves on. Which could work if Kino were interesting enough as a character to draw everything together through their experiences but Kino hasn’t even really been in about three of the episodes and has very little presence or personality in others. With nothing to make the story cohesive it is just kind of bland.

  3. Made worse by the fact that they already preached literally the exact same message in that episode with the country on the water. Same. Exact. Thing. The difference is that this one just went all-in on being depressing for its own sake.

    1. At least this one the people acknowledge what was happening and weren’t in denial. Although, technically that makes it worse because they knowingly stayed somewhere that was about to be destroyed.
      After, I just wondered why they didn’t just go into the mountains until after the eruption and then rebuild if they absolutely convinced they had to stay in the country and not migrate. Or any of dozens of other possibilities other than just play make believe and nice until the end.

      1. It’s made even worse when they point out that only the adults knew about it (barring the implication that the one girl found out, as if that’d somehow justify her staying). Meaning that hundreds of parents legitimately just got their children killed because they were afraid they wouldn’t know how to live anywhere else. They effectively just committed mass homicide of their own kids. And after watching one episode of awesome parenting in last week’s Kekkai Sensen, this just got under my skin in the worst of ways.

        1. I was trying to avoid that issue because I was so angry about it. The show legitimately just skated right past that point and yet these parents decided they didn’t want to live elsewhere so we’ll just stay and let our kids die.
          Again, not an actual problem if the anime wants to have a serious dicussion about choices and consequences or wants to build something thematically around this, but the anime just skips right over this point like it is a side note.

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