King’s Game Episode 9: Emotional Tension Despite a Lack of Logic


Review (some spoilers):

Pointing out holes in the logic of King’s Game is pointless as well as stupid at this point in time. It is clear the story isn’t logical and isn’t trying to be. So the absence of parents at the hospital when two separate teenagers have been admitted with every finger on one hand broken is more or less the standard for this narrative. Questioning it doesn’t get you any closer to anything and it is just one more massive gap in the believability of the world constructed here so you may as well just shrug and move on.


Despite the inherently broken nature of the plot, the show continues to give some really strong emotional moments and definitely manages to engage the audience in these scenes. Natsuko and Aimi’s break downs during the finger breaking game followed by the twist we all knew was coming but didn’t know what form it would take. Things were going too well for Nobuaki this episode and this show has been all about kicking Nobuaki when he is down but somehow never really getting close to killing him.


And it makes sense. Nobuaki is really the only character the audience has had any chance to connect with and he’s been set up as the tragic hero. He keeps trying to save everyone around him and fails miserably, meanwhile the saps keep sacrificing themselves to keep him alive so that he can fail to save everyone else. It is insane and yet somehow works because it is just so horrible.


Still, with smashed and snapped fingers, emotional manipulation, and everyone completely shattered by the end of this episode, I’m guessing the final episodes are going to be explosive. Particularly as we still have ten warm bodies in this show and all evidence points to there only being one survivor.

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7 thoughts on “King’s Game Episode 9: Emotional Tension Despite a Lack of Logic

  1. The characters all know that Nobuaki was through this before and he couldn’t save anyone then, so why do they just blindly trust him? Natsuko is crazy, but at least she’s been telling them the cold hard truth since the beginning. There can only be one survivor, so you might as well think about yourself before you think of others. If you start putting them first, then you’ll die.

    It’s cold and harsh, but she’s technically not wrong.

    1. She’s not wrong, but she isn’t being helpful to anyone (including herself) either. Nobuaki on the other hand is pretty much just an idiot and I still haven’t figured out why anyone follows him other than being even stupider.

  2. Yeah, I thought the haircut was so random and a bit awkward. I understood that is was for the viewer to connect to the character but it fell a bit flat for me.

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