King’s Game Episode 7: Were These Deaths Supposed To Be Touching?



I wonder exactly when it was that the audience was supposed to connect with Mizuki and Kenta. I mean, they were in the sports carnival sequence, and Kenta did kind of stand up for Nobuaki when he was being beaten to death by his classmates. However, none of that really makes up for the fact that essentially these two characters existed so Nobuaki could narrate events from the previous game at the audience. That is literally their purpose in the story. So the whole doomed love story was destined to fall completely flat given these characters never actually served any purpose other than sound board.

What exactly did Nobuaki learn? Could he enlighten the audience because I’m certain we don’t know.

Otherwise, this episode takes us into the village of plot convenience and character assumptions and of course it reveals just enough to make it feel like the story is progressing while actually revealing nothing at all.

Really? Did the clue fairy tell you this?

Though one thing I will give this show credit for is its determination to press on as though it is an actual horror. Despite characters lacking faces in distant shots and a whole range of other issues with the animation, the show continues to deliver skewed images and weird zooms to really hit us with the horror atmosphere. In case that wasn’t enough, the creepy village, the birds, the scene that took place in a morgue all add weight to the attempt at horror even while the story essentially derails any actual sense of dread.


And so I leave another week of King’s Game wondering why I am still watching this and why do I get a sense of satisfaction from watching this train wreck. Ultimately I kind of hope everyone dies but in the meantime, just wondering how the writers will manage to make this story worse is more or less sufficient entertainment.

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11 thoughts on “King’s Game Episode 7: Were These Deaths Supposed To Be Touching?

  1. I get so much satisfaction out of watching this train wreck too! It’s become more amusing than anything else for me to watch just to see how utterly stupid and ridiculous everything and everyone is! Also that bit about the clue fairy really made me laugh! 😂

    1. Ever since they mentioned this village they’ve insisted they will learn something about the game. Given other than the fact that the King’s Game was played there they don’t know anything else, and given Nobuaki has played the game before and learned pretty much nothing, the assumption that there is any kind of clue in the village has really been bothering me.

      1. Same! They are making such blind assumptions it’s really irritating! Nobuaki keeps making the same stupid mistakes and decisions and although it’s annoying to watch it’s still entertaining for some weird painful reason! I’m honestly watching at this point to see how bad it can get! 😂

        1. I love how this show is keeping us all entertained even while we know it is a bit of a train wreck. It is irritating and yet I don’t think I could stop watching at this point.

  2. I completely agree with you. In fact I even had a little trouble remembering exactly who these characters were since we have been spending so much time in the past with the previous King’s Game. It all makes very little sense to try and nauw us care about these characters we have spent almost little to no time with. And what exactly did we learn from the time spent in the village? Almost nothing that really drives the plot forwards. Seriously though: why are we still watching this, while at the same time realising this series is pretty much a trainwreck as well as being entertaining 😀 It really baffles me.

  3. That whole double suicide thing really threw me for a loop (especially after it was “joked” about during my recent watching of Your lie in April). I didn’t think Kenta was too terrible since they showed him protecting Nobuaki, but I think the show tried too hard to make them foils for the characters from Nobuaki’s first King’s Game. Neither “love found in tragedy” couple were even remotely relatable. I’m assuming this series was more fleshed out in the manga or something.

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