King’s Game Episode 6: There’s Suspension of Disbelief and Then There is This



Okay, so this week King’s Game decided that what little sense it was making was to its detriment and so it threw out any desire to ever be taken in anyway seriously. Not that you could take it all that seriously in the first place and it was more the enjoyment of bad horror that was carrying the show. Still…


Why do characters still think they can ‘stand up to the king’? They don’t know who or what the king is and they haven’t been able to find them. More importantly, it is kind of obvious at this point that it isn’t actually a person so what exactly does this plan of ‘standing up to them’ entail other than shaking your finger in their general direction and saying ‘bad king’?


Was the King bored or something? There was no way for people to not get punished in this most recent die roll incident. The only question was how many. And even though not all previous punishments have been death, all seven of these were. Also, do the writers not know what decapitation means because it sure doesn’t mean screwing the head off while the person laughs. Also on poor death efforts, no one calmly has a conversation about their tragic childhood while burning to death. No one. I don’t care how indifferent you are to your own life. There is no calm discussion while you are on fire. I give horror a lot of leeway when it comes to their depiction of reality but King’s Game pushed it a bit too far this week.


Lastly… A virus? Then a computer virus that we can just delete? Is it a virus that increases suggestions like hypnosis (in which case contagious and highly unlikely to only be affecting a single class of students) or is it a phone virus in which case why on earth would that have any effect on the students’ bodies? By the way, viruses and computer viruses are not the same thing. You can’t get a virus from your computer that affects you. This explanation (even as a theory) was insane and actually worse than not finding out anything.

Anyway, all of that happens in yet another flash back but hooray, Nobuaki and the two classmates in the next class that I do not remember the names of because they ceased to be significant several episodes ago, finally arrived at the village that the show is now insisting was the first instance of the game (though has not offered any proof of that). Ooh, more intrigue and more chances for less than plausible explanations. Mostly I’m just watching this to see the over-reactions of characters right before they die at this point.

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12 thoughts on “King’s Game Episode 6: There’s Suspension of Disbelief and Then There is This

  1. Reading the manga and seeing that as the reason why everyone died was frustrating. It felt like the mangaka needed to end his story and just did this. However, it was incredibly fun to hear the responses of anime viewers when that was revealed. They cut a lot of stuff out from the story, which kind of adds to the hilarity of everything.

    The prequel is much better and the reason for the King Game is developed in a non far fetched kind of way. Then again, the prequel is much better in general, even though the MC is just as bad as Nobuaki. (Probably even worse when you look at the bigger picture)

  2. I haven’t watched the episode yet. What’s this about virus and computer virus getting mixed up? People reacting calmly to being set on fire. I need to watch this now. 😂

    1. Have fun. If you figure out where they swap between talking about a real virus and a computer virus, let me know because as far as I could see they were using the whole thing interchangably.

  3. Haha….oh man, I know exactly what you mean. I’m willing to accept things as well, but when a persons entire head just twists around, and comes back to it’s original position, and he is still talking….that just goes a little bit too far (erm…am I saying a little bit 😂). But the setting on fire was definitely the worst….exactly as you say, it’s completely impossible not to scream at something like that. Still, in a weird kind of way…I still enjoy the series and I honestly am really curious what they are going to find in the village. But yeah…other than that this is getting a little bit crazy now 😂😂

    1. I think the worst part of it is that I’m still curious and still enjoying it even as even I have to admit the story is complete rubbish at this point. Oh well. At least it is somethign a bit different to watch and as frustrating as the story has been, the basic concept was still kind of cool.

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