King’s Game Episode 12 – The Dramatic Conclusion (Or Maybe Not)


Review (heavy spoilers):

It will be genuinely impossible to review this episode without spoilers so if you want to be surprised by the conclusion (well, don’t watch the show for one but also maybe pass on reading this post until later). We are down to our last five contestants in this game of death and after running an entire day they all all seem pretty energised still (even the girl who fainted and was carried the last bit seems to make a startling recovery). And where are any of their parents, teachers, local police, or anyone else given the entire class is now either dead or wandering around in the mountains at night? Not to mention, the show is still insisting that a real virus somehow became a computer virus.


However, if you watched eleven episodes of this, clearly you accepted that this was B Grade horror and such gaping holes in story-telling were excused due to genre and general entertainment principles so we’ll move on rather than raising multiple other issues with the narrative that I’ve ignored thus far in the name of having at least one decent horror to watch this season (though the word decent when applied to horror definitely required redefining).


So the big secret? No one can live!

Wait, you mean you figured that out already? Really? And they were so careful about hiding that (heavy sarcasm).

Yet despite the heavy implication that all participants are now dead watch through the credits and see the sequel bait ending. This show most definitely knows its horror tropes and it played it right until the end. Well, as the opening song says, “This is the end.” I will review the whole series later.

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Karandi James.


11 thoughts on “King’s Game Episode 12 – The Dramatic Conclusion (Or Maybe Not)

  1. Well, I just finished this one, and will of course write a review for it as well. But….for some strange reason I just can’t describe, I liked it. If there is a show that I could compare to it’s Blood-C. Also an anime that I knew was really bad, but still enjoyed anyway. Like you, I don’t have pretty high standards when it comes to B-grade horror. Sure this plot made no sense, there were huge plotholes, but it still has been an enjoyable ride for me. I’m still debating on whether I’m going to score this at 6/10 or 7/10. But yeah overall I liked it, is it stupid to say that I actually hope that to be continued is going to really be true and tgat this get’s a second season? The conclusion was okay for me by the way. It wasn’t Earth shattering, but at least it ended and gave closure. And that’s something a lot of anime fail to do these days 😊
    Anyways I liked watching this along with you, despite the short interruption for my flu it was fun to read all your posts for it. Definitely going to watch seasonal anime more now, this has been fun πŸ˜€

    1. Glad you had fun with this and with seasonal viewing. This show was fun. Stupid, but fun. And yes, it does end which puts it ahead of a lot of shows.

  2. I am glad I missed this one out! It really wasn’t worth the watch. Thank you for sitting through such a terrible anime and sharing your thoughts! πŸ˜‚

    1. See, I wouldn’t describe this as terrible. Poorly written and executed certainly, but it still was kind of fun to watch. Something like Juni Taisen was actually worse in the end because it just bored me to death while trying to watch it even though the presentation was better.

  3. Thank you for keeping up to date with this and writing your posts, I gave up after episode 5 and just couldn’t bring myself to continue it. Praying to the anime gods that there will be a decent horror anime sometime next year!

    1. I’m with you. This ended up being fun enough but not exactly brilliant given the plot makes no sense even on conclusion. Still, I’m not all that fussy when it comes to horror so this at least was something.

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