King’s Game Episode 11: There Is No Winning



Other than the near completion of the day long run (which I’m calling rubbish on given most of these kids weren’t dressed for running and they certainly didn’t have enough fluid so more of them should have collapsed) this episode brings us a glimpse at how Nobuaki’s game ended leaving one crucial detail to our imagination. And what we realise is that there is no winning. I guess most of us kind of suspected that given Nobuaki was stuck in another game after surviving one as was Natsuko so it isn’t as though surviving freed them from this game, but to have it bluntly delivered and realising to a point that both of them made the same choice once again makes you want to compare the two.


Still, there’s a couple of good moments for the side characters later in the episode as they make their choices when things are looking bleak, unfortunately the show doesn’t have time to explore these (having wasted most of the first half of the season on flash back episodes) and so we meet these characters and see their intentions and then they are pretty swiftly removed from further consideration.

The show remains pretty bad (just look at the decapitation early in the episode to see how bad it can be) and yet there’s definitely something fun about watching it. I’m kind of looking forward to what happens next.

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