King’s Game Episode 10: Questions and Motivations



Seems everyone is asking ‘why’ in this episode. Not the ‘why’ the audience wants answered mind you. No one is asking why the King’s Game even exists or why the king thinks they are capable of running the entire day (because if that was my order I’d be camping out next to a vending machine with a cool drink and counting down the first eight hours). No, instead they are wondering why the person died when he made a promise or why Nobuaki is acting like Nobuaki.


Even Nobuaki’s subconscious wonders why he acts the way he does which is kind of telling when even he doesn’t believe his own motives.


And so we end up in the land of flimsy rationalizations. Not once in this episode is any ‘why’ answered in any meaningful way. Instead the question remains unanswered or diverted with silly excuses.


The end result is a fairly tense and interesting episode despite a lack of anything really happening. Okay, there was a water sequence that set my teeth on edge though I rationalised that to myself by deciding the guy died from internal injuries before he fell into the water (yep, I am as good at avoiding reality as any character in this show).

The one criticism I did have of the episode though is that other than Chiemi, all the floating apparitions Nobuaki has to motivate himself come from the current timeline. What about his best friend and all the other characters from the first game that Nobuaki was significantly closer to?

I know this show isn’t very good but it remains a fairly entertaining watch each week and I’m kind of looking forward to seeing how it ends.

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6 thoughts on “King’s Game Episode 10: Questions and Motivations

  1. When the episode started I was a bit confused as to what happened. Why was Natsuko running? Did I miss something? It seemed a bit jarring when it first happened.

    I was so focused on why they let the injured guy sit on the ledge that I completely forgot that we only saw Chiemi and no one else from class 1. That does seem a bit odd now that I think about it.

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