Killing Stalking Chapter 9

Before I get into reviewing this I want to make it clear that none of the content being reviewed in this post is suitable for children and even for adults is probably going to be confronting. Anyone who has been following the copious posts about Killing Stalking on Twitter probably already know that, but just giving everyone else fair warning.


How about it? You’re going to be the masters of your own fate! What a joke! But it’ll be exciting, like a roller coaster.

Sangwoo is really, really cruel. I can’t help but admire how incredibly expert he is at playing on human emotions, building up small glimmers of hope and then crushing them mercilessly under foot. He’s the brilliant manipulater and the game he sets up in this chapter brings that attribute to the foreground.

We pick up exactly where we left off in Chapter 8 with the new guy being thrown into the basement. Sangwoo, after forcing introductions, decides that the best way to break the ice will be a card game and of course it isn’t any fun if there isn’t something on the line. Why not bet their lives.

So begins a game that kind of reminded me of some of the episodes of Death Parade. The characters are doing something totally innocuous, but with the stakes as high as they are, emotions frazzle and things rapidly spiral out of control. In this case, Yoon Bum having won the first game before Sangwoo declared it a practice round, becomes desperate. In his desperation he clings to the only thing he has and that is Sangwoo.

Now, Sangwoo could have just let things run their course but that is not his style. Instead, after looking at Yoon Bum’s hand, he sits behind the other guy and begins indicating to Yoon Bum which card he should pick. Naturally, this gives Yoon Bum just that little bit of hope that Sangwoo doesn’t intend for him to lose.

Which makes Sangwoo directing Yoon Bum to the joker just that little bit more cruel. The fact that as readers we see this outcome coming from the moment Yoon Bum looked desperately at Sangwoo doesn’t take away the impact of that final draw.

Of course, knowing how many more chapter already exist after this one, I’m pretty convinced Sangwoo isn’t about to kill Yoon Bum so now I’m curious as to what the twist will be next chapter.

That’s really all there is to chapter nine. It is a delight to read and in terms of sex and violence is probably one of the safest chapters yet (except for the part where Yoon Bum is still pretty naked and covered in bandages from previous damage, and the bondage on the other guy), however there is definitely tension cutting through the entire chapter that leaves you just a little bit tired after reading because you’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop ever since the game started.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this chapter.

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11 thoughts on “Killing Stalking Chapter 9

  1. Yes, I just discovered this series. It’s quite gruesome, but also original. It breaks apart from a lot of the typical stories arcs and weaves a very tense tale. There is no clear good guy, but we do know who the bad guy is. We just start to forget that fact as we are swallowed by this story.

    Normally, I avoid stories like this, but once I started reading I was sucked into the macabre world of Sang Woo. He is evil, yet he draws in everyone to his warped world, even the reader. We feel as if we are trapped in his house with the MC. The story shackles us and won’t let us go.

    We end up begging and pleading for more. Just one more update even though we shouldn’t.

    There’s never enough.

    The writer is an incredible storyteller.

    1. I have to agree. There are so many stories like this that deal with pain and human misery that lack anything except for the shock factor. This story draws you in even when you know it shouldn’t and every part of it has been compelling.

  2. Part of me wants you to review faster but I know it’s better to pace it when there aren’t all that many chapters out o.o Really enjoying your perspectives on the chapters~

    1. If I’m honest, I’ve read a little ahead at this point, but I write the reviews and schedule them after I’ve read each chapter (so I don’t know what’s coming while I’m revieing the chapter – other than twitter spoilers). Still, at this point I really want to read more of this faster because I just want to know what happens next, but at the same time its fun having something to look forward to reading.
      Sorry if that made no sense.

  3. Completely off topic, but just noticed your follower count: you did it : 1000 followers, how awesome is that! Congratulations on this fantastic achievement 😀

  4. Somebody please take that guy and glue him to a therapist’s couch.

    In manacles.

    I can see what you mean by master manipulator though. That’s some skillful, albeit twisted, antics he’s got.

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