Killing Stalking Chapter 19

Before I get into reviewing this I want to make it clear that none of the content being reviewed in this post is suitable for children and even for adults is probably going to be confronting. Anyone who has been following the copious posts about Killing Stalking on Twitter probably already know that, but just giving everyone else fair warning.


Well, that is apparently the end of the first volume or season or whatever they want to call it and it ended about as well as could be expected. Two truly horrible people, made so by their upbringing and the society they lived in, found each other and now the second one has definitely had a taste for killing.

The surprising choice of this chapter was that most of it was spent on a flash back of Yoon Bum in highschool and a girl who once befriended him. Turns out Yoon Bum was pretty weird even back then due to his uncle and he mistook overtures of friendship for something more to be rudely pushed aside before being fully discarded once the girl’s personal situation improved. Apparently Sangwoo was not the first person Yoon Bum had become obsessed with.

Essentially the point of the flash back, other than once again giving us plenty of reason to understand why Yoon Bum is Yoon Bum, is to draw an absolute parallel between the girl chained in the basement and the girl who cruelly used and then ditched Yoon Bum way back when. The flash back is even triggered after the girl delivers this insult:

“You dirty, perverted parasite.”

And then she tells Yoon Bum to just die. Her words echo the words of the girl from high school.

After we see the flash back it is obvious Yoon Bum has snapped. Not that he had much of a grip on his sanity prior to this, but it has definitely left the building as Yoon Bum sees the current girl as the girl from high school and he screams at her that she’s the one that should just die. And… Yoon Bum has a knife in his hand. It isn’t pretty what happens next but the one positive is at least for the girl it is over pretty quick. Unlike Sangwoo, Yoon Bum isn’t up for playing with his victim, he just wants to make the voices in his head go away.

The chapter ends with Sangwoo congratulating Yoon Bum on the kill and asking him how he feels. Not surprised at all that Yoon Bum says he can’t feel anything.

This has been an experience. At the moment this is the end so I’ll start thinking about whether I’m picking up something else to read and review or whether I’ll just stick to anime for a while. I’m still not sure if I will continue reading this once more is released, honestly, I’m kind of happy with this as an end point for the pair. It is kind of sweet in the way that they’ve drawn together against the world, even if I suddenly feel very alarmed for everyone Sangwoo knows.

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2 thoughts on “Killing Stalking Chapter 19

  1. I don’t know how I was expecting this to end but I like the way this has gone. Like you said, it sounds sweet in a very, very twisted way. I wouldn’t want to be in the same country as them but from a narrative perspective, this was wild and fun.

    1. I know this is continuing but I think I’m at the end of my run with it. Maybe I’ll go and read on later but to be honest I’m kind of done with these characters. It’s been fun but enough.

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