Kenja no Mago Review Episodes 3 + 4


This one certainly isn’t taking its time.


Episode 3

Yep, bully boy was being set up as a future threat only one they pulled out in episode three for the sake of a cool battle and to introduce another character who might actually be a more serious threat. However, if we wanted to see what happens when humans become demons this gave us a small taste test of potential danger later without lengthy exposition so it all kind of works. Plus, it moves the main character straight to hero status rather than just overpowered.


Again, there’s nothing really new here as the characters go about establishing a class dynamic within the magic school and we learn about magic study clubs. The continuation of Kurt’s insanity followed by his losing his mind after an encounter with an old teacher just adds a little bit of energy to the otherwise pretty standard establishing episode. But, it is undeniably fun while it goes through the same old steps so I’m really not going to complain.


Shin’s reactions remain fairly entertaining as he never really knows what others will find astonishing and he tends to get super embarrassed about things the other characters are really enthusiastic about. While I’m still not entirely convinced we needed a reincarnation to end up with this personality, it works well enough as a throw back to his previous life to remind us that this is a reincarnation story without them having to mention it every other minute.


If I did have anything I was actually disappointed about it would be how ordinary the fight between Shin and Kurt ended up being. Shin has produced some amazing magical devices and effects and the fight just seemed too standard with throw the glowing thing at the other guy and when that doesn’t work hit him with a glow stick (okay, magic sword, have it your way). I think there could have been a few more twists and turns in the magical fight but again, it isn’t as though what we got didn’t work.


I’m still pleasantly surprised by this one and am beginning to allow myself to actually be hopeful about this one.

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Episode 4

That was quick.

I think that was my main reaction when I realised that this episode of Kenja no Mago was going to reveal that the middle school teacher was in fact the one behind Kurt’s demonization. I really thought they were going to drag this on a lot longer with more people or students being turned before they closed in on him. Not that I’m upset it doesn’t turn out to be that kind of story, just kind of surprised because it really seemed like that was where they were heading.


The downside of this episode being about that reveal is that Shin and his classmates are more or less the fluff content of the episode. They mess around at the school club having two new members introduced after the teacher vetted the influx of applicants. Then on their way to one of the new members houses there’s an explosion which is where the story of the investigation into the demonization incident and the school kid’s crosses paths. Then it is just a straight Shin-saves-the-day fight sequence.


The magic fight this week was much better than episode 3’s glow stick saga. The fight was quick but suitably interesting. It is all over the top light and colour effects but you know what, it is supposed to be a magic battle. Let it be over the top.


Meanwhile, like they don’t let the mystery of who is responsible for Kurt linger, the after credits sequence takes out any suspense about whether or not they killed the middle-school teacher. So episode four has clearly taught me that this anime is not about mysteries or suspense. It is simply about the over-powered magic fights and again, if that’s all I’m looking for it works well enough. Certainly this one isn’t going to be setting the world on fire with its narrative nuances or the like, but it is pretty easy viewing so far.

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Karandi James

2 thoughts on “Kenja no Mago Review Episodes 3 + 4

  1. I wish I could love/enjoy this series as much as everyone else on Reddit and Japan seem to be. Apparently it’s been a bit of a sleeper hit, but I just can’t fucking see why.

    Maybe it’s because I have my “trashy Isekai” needs filled with Smartphone.

    1. This one is just easy to watch and enjoy. It hasn’t done anything amazing but it also hasn’t done anything annoying, offensive or utterly stupid. It is kind of like when you read a romance novel. You know it is going to be exactly the same as every other one but provided it is nicely put together you’ll end up enjoying it.
      That said, I don’t blame people who don’t like this one. It is definitely generic for the genre to say the least.

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