Kenja no Mago Review Episode 8


The Beach Scene, The Confession, and The Incredibly Annoying Voice

Kenja no Mago - Sicily

Episode 8

The training camp continues and with it we get a boat-load of cliché type moments. Such as the introduced fiancé, the younger sister, the confession sequence, beach volleyball, and so on and so forth. This episode is actually packing in as many tropes as it can possibly fit in its run-time and it isn’t being particularly insightful about it.

I do like that Shin’s classmates duck and cover when he says he’s going to try something new.

However, unlike episode 7 of Kenja no Mago, episode 8 still manages to fall on just the right side of the line of being lame and generic but entertaining rather than just being lame and generic.

Nothing like some alone time.

As much as the blushing girl and the dense male protagonist is a trope that annoys me, and there spluttering about here should have rubbed me the wrong way, there is just something inherently adorable about Shin and Sicily as a couple and I just can’t dislike this sequence. The fact that they go from acknowledgement of liking each other to confession in the space of one episode helps because if they’d prolonged it any longer we would have gotten back into fairly painful territory.


Outside of that, the volleyball sequence was actually funny. Sure it is ultimately an excuse to get the girls and boys in swimsuits and throw around some ridiculous magic attack names but there was a genuine humour to the scene and an energy that made it fairly palatable.

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But, I’m not just going to give this episode a pass. The younger sister introduced has in one episode won my award for this season’s most obnoxious character voice and as she squeaks her way through inane dialogue I just had to wonder who thought any human being should make such a sound regardless of age? It is truly horrendous and will go on my list with Asta, Tanya, and the English voice for Molly in Sailor Moon as voices that just need to be re-recorded and dubbed over because wow that was painful to listen to.

Great – I’m a huge fan of never hearing this character speak, ever again.

While going into this anime with any expectations would be a mistake, I’m still finding it more entertaining than tedious and this episode of Kenja no Mago definitely picked things up a little bit. It also seems like we are still heading toward an interesting magical confrontation, so all and all I’m happy enough to see where this goes. Still, I’ll be shocked if I even remember I watched this show come the end of the year.

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Karandi James

4 thoughts on “Kenja no Mago Review Episode 8

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  3. From here on out If they Concentrate more on their confrontation between Demons and as I would like to call it “Shin army” that would be certainly interesting to watch because the stage has been set with the development of other characters where even they can go up against catastrophic level demons… I am not that much of a fan of a love story either but after their bonds have gotten stronger, the fear of losing Sicily or his other friends might be too much for shin so this can certainly change the tone of the story…. always enjoy your review.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I’m a little worried they are setting up Sicily to be knocked off at this point even though this anime doesn’t seem like it is dark enough to do that for real.

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