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Right from the start I was not particularly impressed with this episode of Kenja no Mago. I mean, we’d already gotten the gist of the relationships between the knights and the mages and mostly that Shin is awesome regardless of which side of the fence you are on. So stretching out this training drill and showing us the other groups interacting with much the same outcome over and over really didn’t add all that much and wasn’t particularly impressive.


The one point that might save the first half of this episode feeling like complete padding is that they do get into a discussion about the danger of militarising Shin’s magic and the danger of his techniques spreading. Which nicely sets up that this group of students are more or less now going down a very different path in terms of what is expected of them in the future than they would have if they’d never met Shin.


But no worries. The characters in Kenja no Mago are utterly fine with life altering changes and apparently the fact that this is likely going to land them on the front line of a war hasn’t quite sunk in just yet.

Then again, given the arrogance with which they deal with a threat on their way to their magic ‘training camp’ – because we’ve got to throw in the high school cliché moments even in an isekai – I guess none of them are overly concerned about coming up against someone stronger than they are.


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Which actually just made me want the demonoid army to stop fooling around in the empire and come back to the kingdom to kick these kids down a peg or two.

Okay, I’m a horrible person.

And yes, the training camp is just an excuse for a hot-springs moment. Here are the guys. I’m sure you can imagine what the girls are up to just fine.

That said, this is the first episode where Kenja no Mago hasn’t been overly enjoyable. It has never been particularly good or original but it has mostly been fun. Episode 7 just felt like a drag and I’m really hoping now that they’ve set up the few things they seemed to be setting up we can get back to having fun next episode.

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