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Wise Man’s Grandchild Episode 12

Prediction correct; this was most definitely an unsatisfying ending. Sure the beat off the demonoids who were attacking the neighbouring kingdom and decide that they are going to make an alliance with other nations for future safety, etc, but realistically this is the first skirmish in a larger war. Schtrom is now much more interested in Shin, the demonoids are still a major threat, and there’s the possibility that they are going to be able to make baby demonoids, though that is yet to be confirmed.

I may have watched too much Hitoribocchi this season, because I just kept thinking, ‘Do your best, beam!’

Stories that end with the heroes setting out on the next phase of their journey are incredibly irritating, particularly with an anime like this one that is so unlikely to ever return. And even if it does, it will be months before we find out what they get up to next.

Awesome visual (sarcasm).

As a final episode it was also lacklustre in that the fight sequence was all wrapped up by the first third and visually, Kenja no Mago has never been overly impressive. In fact, it is at best average and usually sub-par and you can really tell in some of these attacks and explosions just how ordinary it is.


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We do get a moment of crisis for Sicily, but they didn’t get anywhere near as dark as they could have, with it being more an emotional crisis than a physical one. No demonoid attack or kidnap, merely a loss of confidence when she isn’t able to heal one dying man (after saving dozens), and Shin is forced to heal the man instead. It is a little insulting to Sicily’s character but pretty standard for what this anime has done to date.


In case it seems like I’m suddenly turning on Wise Man’s Grandchild, I’m not. I actually really enjoyed it this season. However it is definitely lacking in some areas and almost all of those areas become crystal clear while watching this final episode.

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