Kenja no Mago Review Episode 11


Ultimate Magicians Vs Demonoids


Wise Man’s Grandchild Episode 11

There’s no way Wise Man’s Grandchild is going to really give us a satisfying conclusion. Showy and climatic, definitely, but satisfying not so much. As the ‘Ultimate Magicians’, and yes even I’ll laugh at the name, take on the demonoids attacking the neighbouring kingdom this episode is broken into a series of small battles and while it is great to see the characters all in action, except Sicily who was sent to the aid station, this feels like a way point in a story rather than an ending to it.

Please don’t die.

Though, my theory that Sicily is being set up for a tragic death feels even more justified given she’s been separated out from the others by Shin and sent to a ‘safer’ location to provide medical aid. Also her warning to Shin to be careful just seemed so much like a farewell. Even if they don’t knock her off I’m seeing captured by enemy or caught up in some scheme coming her way and that’s just kind of mean. It is kind of like kicking a puppy really. You just shouldn’t do it.


Though Schtrom has no part in this invasion, and doesn’t show up until the end of the episode, the demonoids are pretty strong. The leader as well, despite seeming like an idiot, recognises the potential of the barriers the guards had and stole one. If he’d been just a little bit sharper, Aug may have had a very short stint as Crown Prince.

Well, he’s dead.

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There’s nothing really new in this episode though. It really is just the group splitting up and then in pairs confronting and defeating demonoids. There’s some plot development with the demonoid sent to evaluate Shin following him around and then at the end the more leaderlike demonoids get involved but really this is seeing the powers the kids have learned in action and it works well enough even if the anime just can’t compete with some more well known titles that have vast battles and magical attacks.


I did really like the appearance of the Wise Man and the Guru in this episode as it answered the question I had about why the kids were allowed to just take off and go fight a war without supervision. There were some comedic exchanges between characters that had varying degrees of success. We also had Shin, the destroyer of more or less anything in his path. Let’s hope nothing happens to Sicily because if Shin goes Demonoid I suspect there isn’t a single person in this anime who could stop him.

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