Keijo Episode 1


This one I skipped on the write up but decided to see what it was all about after reading many positive reviews throughout the Autumn season.


This show is actually very pretty and fairly well put together even though this first episode goes through most of the generic steps you kind of expect from the summary. That said, this isn’t a show I’m going to get in to. The sport that it focusses on is ridiculous no matter how you look at it and to be honest the ‘humour’ here isn’t my thing. While the characters seem diverse enough and the story is functional, there just isn’t any reason for me to invest time in this series.

Keijo is available on Crunchyroll.

8 thoughts on “Keijo Episode 1

  1. シャネル偽物の財布、腕時計、靴、眼鏡、ピアス、バッグかばんの価格は大体いくらですか?
    独特の質シャネルシャネルバッグコピー4906 ゴールド金具カーフショルダーバッグ36cm

    1. That is a very specific length for the pole. Though to be honest that is more or less my reaction to this first episode. Admittedly it isn’t as bad as some of the other first episodes I’ve tried this week this show is still not for me.

      1. It’s actually a line from The Grinch song, lol. I can’t even watch the first episode because my mind just can’t handle ecchi of any kind anymore

  2. The show does seem to shoot for a specific demographic, which tends to be people that like boobs. Me? I find ecchi hilarious because of how it laughs in the face of PC culture. An even more dramatic example can be seen in Shimonetta. The main characters contend with purity police, where something as simple as saying the word “boob” can land you in prison and is monitored by special devices.

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