Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! Episode 6 Review

Keep You Hands off Eizouken ep 6
Irina 2020

I’m flying solo this week guys. Karandi is swamped so she is letting me take over this week’s Eizouken. A super wise decision! Nothing to worry about. I am definitely not going to write a bunch of ridiculous nonsense and drive all her faithful readers away. Nuh-huh!

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Karandi and I had some pretty nice words to say about Kanamori last week and this episode just proved us right. It’s the first time I’ve really seen the role of a producer really displayed in anime. Production assistant, sure but not producer, at least not in so much detail. It’s a rough and often thankless task and Kanamori seems perfectly suited for it. The club really is lucky to have her.

I have to say, I’m a little curious how she became friends with Midori in the first place. The two seem to have very little in common and yet they are clearly good friends. They “get” each other and respect each other as well. It’s sort of heartwarming. Not sure why I added the word sort of in there. I wonder if Tsubame ever feels a little lonely around these two.

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I say this because this week on Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken, we finally got to see just how good a team Kanamori and Midori make. Midori’s creativity and passion draws people in. She readily shares her dreams and imagination with everyone around her and her vision gives everyone direction. But she’s an artist. You know how they are. However, Kanamori is there to complement her. Kanamori is rigorously practical and and amazingly efficient. Whatever fantasies Midori can come up with, Kanamori is the one to do all the mundane work to make them reality.

And so, is it any wonder that the other clubs didn’t stand a chance. The solo member of the audio club was swept away by Midori’s respect for sound design and then coerced into helping by Kanamori’s borderline blackmail and real estate shenanigans. The art club was already happy to help but having so many artists around was new and intimidating for poor Midori but Kanamori kept her in line. And when Asakusa needed some though love, I bet you know who was there to deliver.

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I was already pretty sold on this show because anyone who loves anime as much as I do is my friend by default. And this show fits the bill. I also love to learn about anime production so there was win No. 2. Throw in strong friendship dynamics and it’s checking all of my boxes.


Just for the sake of balance, I guess I could say that the “sketch world” scenes weren’t that special this week. This is just me looking for a negative mind you. I’ve been consistently enjoying the series since episode 1 and I have a feeling that’s not going to change.

I hope all of you are having just as much fun with it.

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Lets all send Karandi some happy energy vibes so that she can conquer her busy schedule and be back next week. I’m sure you all miss her as much as I do!

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Images from: Keep Your Hands of Eizouken. Dir. Masaaki Yuasa. Science SARU. 2020.

7 thoughts on “Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! Episode 6 Review

  1. My least favourite episode so far, and it’s still so much better than most of the other stuff out this season. There were so many fun scenes this episodes, like Midori suddenly freaking out about the audience. Or the audio club memeber being forced to imagine an anime with rote sound effects (the torture!).

    Also, Kanamori provides the attitude I never realised that Shirobako was missing. She’s vital for the show. Also the best character.

  2. My only complaint is not enough Tsubame besides her one animation scene where she showed the robot punching. I really do like Tsubame a lot.

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